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The Research IT Technology Platform was created in 2007 to extend IT support at the Biozentrum beyond standard IT workplace solutions. Integrating and completing existing services, we provide ready-to-use solutions, applications, and services for our scientists and administrators alike.

Research IT is an integrator: Our aim is to make customized and well-suited services accessible to Biozentrum researchers. For this, we build on standard services provided by IT Services and SciCORE, the central IT providers of the University. In turn, we contribute our experience back to the central IT providers and on strategic boards, so that the University IT infrastructure will be ready to meet the requirements of our department's future research.


Our group combines backgrounds in the fields of biology, bioinformatics, high-performance computing, and software development. Put together with our experience in managing complex and interdisciplinary projects, we are able to understand scientific needs, to translate them into IT requirements and to implement tailored solutions. On larger projects, we also use a range of project management methods to ensure that projects stay on track.

When planning a new project or instrument acquisition, we can help you to elicit corresponding IT requirements and their subsequent implementation – ideally at the early planning stage. Likewise, we assist researchers in the preparation of data management plans (DMPs) for funding agencies.

Finally, “open-door consulting” makes up a significant part of our work. By nature, research is highly active and rapidly evolving. Therefore, being agile and able to easily and quickly provide support on smaller but pressing issues is an essential feature.


A steering board oversees the activities and strategic orientation of Research IT. It is currently composed as follows: Dr. O. Biehlmaier (Head, IMCF), T. Jelk (Head, ITSC-KLB), Prof. Dr. Ch. Dehio, Prof. Dr. Ch. Handschin, Dr. M. Podvinec (Head, Research IT), Marcel Scheiwiller (Head of Administration), Prof. Dr. A. Schier (ex officio), Prof. Dr. T. Schwede (Vice President for Research, Chair), Dr. A. Schmidt (Head, PCF)