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To share your scientific images taken at the IMCF in this gallery, please send your images to Alexia with a short description. 

The images contained within this gallery remain the copyright of the Biozentrum. Please contact us for permission before using any image. These images have all been taken by the members and users of the IMCF.


Winners of the IMCF Image Contest 2022

1st prize: Endless digits most beautiful… - B. Berki and M. Luxey (Tschopp Lab)
Shown is the neuromuscular system of an embryonic chicken wing with a mirror digit duplication. After implantation of a retinoic acid-soaked bead, all three digits of the normal wing pattern are duplicated on the anterior margin (left side), with both nerves (magenta) and muscles (cyan). Acquired on a Zeiss LightSheet 7. 

2nd prize: Blood vessels in the brain - M.Signer (Affolter lab)
The image shows the midbrain vasculature of a 5-day old zebrafish embryo. The fish is transgenic for kdrl: m-Cherry-CAAX, so the blood vessel membrane is labeled. Colors are automatically due to the z-dept color code function in Fiji. Acquired on a Zeiss Lightsheet 7.

3rd prize: Pseudomonas infected tissue - B. Laventie (Jenal lab)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa on artificial 3D lung tissue, fixed after 12 hours of infection. Yellow to red gradient: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, purple: tight junctions (ZO-1 antibody), blue: nuclei (DAPI), white shining surface: lung cell membranes (CellMask Deep red). Each object was segmented in Imaris and rendered in 3D. Acquired on a Nikon CSU-W1 confocal microscope with a 100x objective.