Master of Science in Molecular Biology

Students who would like to deepen their knowledge in molecular biology can continue with a 12 to 18 month Master’s degree program at the Biozentrum. At the core of this program is a research project conducted in the laboratory under the guidance of experienced lecturers.

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The major focus of the Master's degree program is the completion of an autonomous research project. Students work for at least ten months in the laboratory, learning the newest techniques and applying these.

The students supplement this by attending lectures to deepen their knowledge in their selected field of specialization. Students can choose between biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, developmental biology, biophysics, structural biology microbiology, infection biology immunology, neurobiology, pharmacology and computational biology.

The completion of the Master’s thesis – the presentation of the research project carried out – along with the Master’s examination comprise the completion of the course of studies. As a rule, this program requires three semesters.  

Worth knowing

The prerequisite for admission to the Master of Science in Molecular Biology is a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a major in Molecular Biology and, in specific cases, in Integrative Biology or a Bachelor of Science in Computational Sciences with a major study in Computational Biology.

Course Start
It is possible to start the Master’s degree program in both the spring and autumn. The application deadline for the autumn semester is April, 30, and for the spring semester November, 30. Further information can be found here.

Credit points
Credit points (CP) are awarded for successfully completed course work, in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The number of CP per learning unit corresponds to the working time the student needs to put in to achieve its objectives. One credit point corresponds to a work load of 30 hours. The achievement of 90 CP is required for the award of a Master of Science in Molecular Biology.

Fast Track
The Master's degree program can be completed in two semesters by particularly keen students in which at least ten months must be spent undertaking laboratory work.

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