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PhD Retreat

The PhD retreat is a way to foster interactions between the PhD students of the Biozentrum and the Pharmazentrum, regardless of focal area or year in the program. It is an opportunity for students to share their work, talk about science and meet other people with different backgrounds and from the two institutes. 

The retreat program consists of student talks, invited talks, poster sessions and socializing activities. Not surprisingly, past retreats were a huge success, with more than 80 PhD students attending.

The 3-day event takes place every year since 2009 in the early summer months. All PhD students eligible to participate will receive a registration link by email months in advance.

Each participant is asked to present his/her research work in form of a poster or a short oral presentation. After each successful participation to a PhD retreat, students receive 1 CP.

Details on the current PhD Retreat can be found on the website of the PhD Student Association.