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Technology Ventures

The primary goal of the basic research investigations in molecular and biomedical biology at the Biozentrum is to investigate central questions about the smallest unit of life, the cell, as well as vital life processes more deeply – independent of any immediate practical applications. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, the research continues to lead to unexpected solutions to complex scientific problems and ultimately to knowledge, which can be applied to develop innovative products or technology.

As a rule, the development of a marketable product is carried out by a partner firm or by dedicated and business minded scientists, who, via a spin-off company, wish to bring their own product onto the market. Through a targeted information and promotion policy, the Biozentrum encourages its researchers to patent promising results and technologies, which could bring an added value, and to license these or, respectively, to consider using them as a basis for establishing a spin-off firm. By providing active support in realizing spin-off projects, the Biozentrum contributes greatly to securing the international competitive power and innovative strength of Switzerland as a center of thinking and productivity.

T3 Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Dr. Simon Ittig, Dr. Christoph Kasper and Dr. Marlise Amstutz have started their company T3 Pharmaceuticals in 2015. This Biozentrum spin-off emerged from a CTI sponsored project. The young entrepreneurs have developed a fast and simple method for the targeted delivery of diverse proteins into eukaryotic cells using a bacterial injection apparatus. T3 Pharmaceuticals is now developing this technology for its use in cancer therapy. Weblink

With their project «Development of a lead compound for specific mTORC1 inhibition», the two project leaders Dr. Stefan Imseng and Dr. Asier González have ventured into entrepreneurship. The aim of their Innosuisse funded feasibility study at the Biozentrum is to find novel drug candidates, which inhibit mTORC1 function to treat tuberous sclerosis, which causes tumor formation in various organ systems, as well as possibly other mTORC1-related disorders. Overview Biozentrum Website

ARTIDIS AG was founded in 2014 by Dr. Marko Loparic, Dr. Marija Plodinec and Prof. Roderick Lim together with the company Nanosurf AG. Within the framework of a CTI funded project, the researchers developed a novel technology – ARTIDIS – for tissue diagnostics. ARTIDIS stands for “Automated Reliable Tissue Diagnostics”. This nanotechnology tool, which improves cancer diagnostics and prognosis, and contributes to the development of personalized therapies, is now being further developed by ARTIDIS AG towards a marketable product. Weblink

Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG
In 2000, Dr. Thomas Meier founded MyoContract, the first spin-off at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel. After a company merger, the present Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG, located in Liestal, emerged for which Mr. Meier is the CEO. The pharmaceutical company is specialized in the development and marketing of drugs for the treatment of rare neuromuscular and mitochondrial diseases. Weblink