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Living and working in Basel

Basel is one of the top fifteen cities with the highest quality of living worldwide according to the 2023 Mercer study. It is located in the heart of Europe and embedded in Europe’s most important Life Sciences hub. 

The Biozentrum is embedded in Europe’s most Important Life Sciences hub – the trinational BioValley of Switzerland, Germany and France and profits from close proximity to many universities and academic research institutes, over 600 life sciences and biotechnology firms, and two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Novartis and Roche. 

Basel is a small metropolis with 200’000 inhabitants from 165 countries. It offers a high standard of living and nothing is more than a few steps away: its nearly 40 museums, its theaters and music festivals, its restaurants, clubs and parks. Breathtaking modern architecture contrasts with the medieval old town. Being located in north-western Switzerland, bordering on France and Germany, Basel is also an excellent starting point to explore Switzerland and the neighboring countries.Download Brochure for NewcomersWelcome Brochure Basel  / Watch Image Film Basel

Graduate Center of the University of Basel
The Graduate Center for Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs of the University of Basel not only provides you with information about your PhD but also with lots of tips and tricks on moving to and living in Basel. 

10 reasons to come to Basel

High quality of life
With its cultural density, cleanliness and safety, Basel is one of the fifteen cities with the highest quality of life in the world. Basel is a green city.

In the heart of Europe
Basel is located in the middle of Europe. High-speed trains and direct flights from the nearby EuroAirport offer the best connections to most cities in Europe.

Cosmopolitan spirit
Basel is an international melting pot. People from 165 nations live and work in Basel. With a foreigner share of around 35 percent of the population, Basel offers a great cultural diversity.

Knowledge hub
Founded in 1460, the University of Basel has a five century-long academic tradition. Public school has a high priority. There are international schools at all levels.

Europe's most important life sciences hub
The Bio Valley is home to numerous universities, academic research institutes, and more than 600 life sciences and biotech companies.

Dynamic economic region
Basel is Switzerland's most dynamic economic region and one of the most productive and innovative in the world.

The beautiful old town invites you to stroll, the Rhine to swim and the many bars, cafés and restaurants to a culinary journey around the world. And this in a Mediterranean climate, which boasts 300 days of sunshine.

Culture unlimited
With its almost 40 museums, its multifaceted musical events and its 25 theatre stages, Basel is also known as the “Cultural capitol of Switzerland”. In addition, Basel is an architectural mecca.

Family friendly
A wide range of childcare facilities and leisure activities, numerous parks and playgrounds as well as short and safe paths offer an ideal environment for families.

Alpine view
From Basel's nearby mountains you can see as far as the Alps. You can easily reach them by train for hiking, climbing, skiing, cycling or simply relaxing.