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Internships for prospective PhD students

With a Master's degree, you have successfully completed a basic education in science. Your research experience is, however, still relatively young. If you want to get to know other research areas and gain additional hands-on experience to help you make better decisions about your PhD project, you can apply for a 1- to 6-month internship in one of our research groups.

For those who have completed a Master's degree, we offer the possibility to gain more laboratory experience or to immerse yourself in another research area during a 1- to 6 month internship. This is especially recommended if you want to do a PhD but have not yet decided on a specific field of specialization. The Biozentrum offers a wide range of different research areas in the field of life sciences.

To apply for an internship, directly contact the Research Group Leader of the group in which you are interested to work. You can also make arrangements about the duration and subject of your project directly with them. You will find an overview of the research groups here.

Learn what it is like to work as a junior researcher at the Biozentrum, first-hand, from these interviews with PhD students.

Due to labor regulations only citizens of Switzerland, EU and EFTA countries can be admitted.