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Research Fields

Research at the Biozentrum is dedicated to the central question of how molecules and cells create life. We study the physical and biochemical mechanisms of cells and explore the behaviors and dynamics of multicellular communities.

Research at the Biozentrum is characterized by interdisciplinary collaborations in the area of molecular and biomedical fundamental research. 31 international research teams investigate how molecules and cells create life – from the atom to the organism.

Accordingly, the questions are also diverse: How do proteins form complex machines? How is the genome folded and read? How are cells organized to transport molecules and transmit signals? How do cells become specialized or cancerous? How does the body defend itself against pathogens? How do animals move, sleep and form memories? How do organisms develop and age? What are the theories and computational models that explain biological processes? What might be new strategies to treat diseases such as muscular dystrophies, Alzheimer's or cancer? 

These disciplines are not strictly separated from each other, but often overlap, thus leading to new questions and collaborations. This interdisciplinary spirit, combined with generous funding and excellent infrastructure, ensure research at the highest level.

Computational and Theoretical Biology
Development and application of computational approaches to study complex biological systems
Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology
Developmental biology, regenerative processes, and the role of stem cells
Evolution and Ecology
Origins of organisms and the influence of the environment
Genetics and Genomics
Study of genes and their functions
Microbiology, Infection Biology and Immunology
Investigation of microorganisms, infections, and immune responses
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Molecular aspects of cell structures and functions
Molecular Medicine, Physiology, Metabolism and Aging
Molecular processes in health and disease, metabolism, and aging
Multicellular Dynamics
Research on the dynamics of multicellular organisms and communities
Structure and function of the nervous system
Physics of Life
Physical principles of biological processes
Signaling and Gene Regulation
Signal transduction and regulation of gene expression  
Structural Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Structure and function of molecules, molecular machines and organelles
Systems and Synthetic Biology
Quantitative and engineering approaches to study complex biological systems