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International PhD Program

PhD students can expect an extraordinary wealth of research expertise, a wide range of courses, intensive individual mentoring, an international community of researchers from over 40 countries and a stimulating student life. 

Research at the Biozentrum embraces a wide range of research fields. Yet the 31 research groups also share a main focus: the strong interest to understand how molecules and cells create life. We have studied this mystery for more than 50 years and are one of the leading Life Sciences institutes in the world, spawning several Nobel laureates.

As a PhD student at the Biozentrum, you will become part of an international community. More than 130 young scientists from around the world are currently doing their PhD here. You will engage in an independent research project under the supervision of a Biozentrum faculty member and a PhD advisory Committee. Apart from a strong mentoring program, you will also benefit from the open and collegial atmosphere that encourages creativity and critical thinking. 

Graduate Teaching Program
Besides the practical training in the latest methods and techniques in modern-day molecular biology research, you will profit from the rich, interdisciplinary Graduate Teaching Program offered in collaboration with different partners. 

The program includes the lecture cycles in Infection Biology, Neuroscience, Growth and Development, Structure and Function of Macromolecules, Computational and Systems Biology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Medicine and also practical skills training in scientific communication, imaging, proteomics, genomics and biophysical techniques. 

Career development activities
To promote scientific exchange and the interdisciplinary teamwork between the research groups, we also organize an annual symposium. The Biozentrum Symposium offers young scientists in particular a platform to gain experience in presenting their research findings. 

Karoline Berneiser, PhD Student: “What is unique here is that so many different disciplines work so closely together. Not only spatially but also in terms of approach. The thinking is cooperative and interdisciplinary." 

As a PhD student, you will also regularly attend scientific meetings and organize, together with your colleagues, your own seminar series, PhD Club, career guidance events and an annual two-day PhD Retreat 

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for talented and eager graduates, with a background in biological or biomedical sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics and/or computer science. 
For application information for Direct to Lab Applications click here.
For application information for the Biozentrum PhD Fellowships Program click here


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