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Lab Ware & Media Preparation

At the Biozentrum, the Labware & Media Kitchen teams ensure that the researchers are provided with the required materials. From pipette tips to media and whether washed, sterilized or freshly filled – each morning all items are ready in their place.

At the Biozentrum, each floor has its own Labware Kitchen. Here pipette tip boxes are re-filled, used glassware is washed and, if required, sterilized and then returned to the labs ready for use. The kitchen teams are also responsible for the disposal of transgenic and infectious materials, which they inactivate through autoclaving. With this service, the teams contribute to the smooth running of the planned research projects and support the scientist’s lab experiments. 

Media Kitchen
Moreover, in consultation with the researchers, the respective nutrient medium for each organism is prepared in the Media Kitchen. These range from sterile water over a polenta-based medium for Drosophila to media for E. coli bacteria and other organisms.