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Instruments in the Facility

The following instruments are available for use in the Biophysical Facility:

Isothermal Titration Calorimeters
A Microcal ITC200 and two Microcal VP-ITC isothermal titration calorimeters.
Discuss Experiment | Book Time | VP-ITC Manual | ITC200 ManualData Fitting ManualIntroductory Review 

Biacore T100 Surface Plasmon Resonance
A Biacore T100 SPR instrument that is located together with another instrument owned by Professor Lim in Room 339.
Discuss Experiment | Book Time | Sensor Surface Manual | Software Manual | Consumables Guide |SPR Pages Website

Microscale Thermophoresis
A Nanotemper Monolith NT.115 microscale electrophoresis instrument with blue and green detection channels.
Discuss Experiment | Book Time | Instrument Manual | Introductory Review | Technical Details | Filter Set Details


Circular Dichroism Spectrometer
An Applied Photophysics Chirascan CD spectrometer.
Discuss Experiment | Book Time | Instrument ManualIntroductory Review | CD Tutorial


Fluorescence Spectrometers
A Jasco FP-6500 fluorimeter with peltier temperature control and a Molecular Devices Spectramax M2 plate-reading fluorimeter.
Discuss Experiment | Book Time | Jasco Manual | Spectramax Manual | Recommended Reading


Static Light Scattering
Wyatt Heleos II 8+ (MALS) and Optilab rEX Refractive Index detectors; Agilent HPLC with autosampler; superdex, superose and silica SEC columns, at RT.
Discuss Experiment | Book Time | Dawn Manual | rEX Manual | Software Manual | Introductory Paper | Application to Membrane Proteins


Dynamic Light Scattering
A Malvern Instruments Zetasizer Nano ZS Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument, for dynamic and single-angle static light-scattering and zeta potential measurements.
Discuss Experiment | Book Time | Instrument Manual


Analytical Ultracentrifuge
A Beckman Coulter XL-l AUC with absorbance, interference and fluorescence optics, 4 and 8 hole rotors and a variety of cells and centrepieces.
Discuss Experiment | Book Time | Instrument Manual | Rotor Manual | Introductory Review | NIH Protocols (Shuck Group) | Cell Assembly Video


Thermocycler with Fluorescence Detection
A Qiagen Rotorgene centrifugal fluorescence-detection thermocycler for monitoring thermal denaturation of soluble and membrane proteins.
Discuss Experiment | Book Time | Instrument Manual | Application to Soluble Proteins | Application to Membrane Proteins


Solution Properties
An Anton Paar AMVn viscometer, an Anton Paar DMA 4500M density meter and a Reichert AR7 refractometer.
Discuss Experiment | Book Time | Viscometer Manual | Density Meter Manual | Refractometer Manual



Other Instruments in the Biozentrum

The following biophysical instruments are also located in the Biozentrum and are owned and operated by specific research groups:

Fluorescence Plate-Reader with FP Optics
A Biotek Synergy H1 fluorescence plate-reader, with monochromators for excitation and emission scans, and filter-based optics for fluorescence polarisation (FP) measurements. Operated by the group of Professor Timm Maier.
Discuss Experiment | Instrument Manual 


Thermocycler with Fluorescence Detection
A Bio-Rad C1000 fluorescence-detection thermocycler that can be used to monitor thermal denaturation of proteins. This instrument is operated by the group of Professor Timm Maier.
Discuss Experiment | Instrument Manual | Introductory Review


Electrospray Mass Spectrometer
A Bruker MicroTOF electrospray-ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometer. The instrument is equipped for LC-MS and direct injection of desalted samples. This instrument is operated by the group of Professor Stephan Grzesiek.
Discuss Experiment | Instrument Manual |



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