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Structural Biology and Biophysics Seminar (SBBS)

All seminars take place on Tuesday, 12:15, room BZ 411.

To get the KP for this seminar all of the 5 seminars per semester have to be attended (sign-in sheet) and an oral exam must be passed.

The seminars are followed by a sandwich lunch for PhD students with the speaker.

Check this website for updates.

19.03.2019 | Prof. Jörg Standfuss (PSI, Villigen)

09.04.2019 | Prof. David Dulin (Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research, Erlangen- Nürnberg)

16.04.2019 | Prof. Gabriel Waksman (Birckbeck, London)

30.04.2019 | Prof. Aurelien Roux (University of Geneva, Geneva)

07.05.2019 | Prof. Manajit Hayer-Hartl (MPI for Biochemistry, Martinsried)

21.05.2019 | Exam