Angie Klarer
International PhD Program
Klingelbergstrasse 50/70
4056 Basel/Switzerland

Phone: +41 (0) 61 207 21 60

PhD at a Glance

Biozentrum Basel International PhD Program

Postgraduates from around the world have the opportunity to become part of our interdisciplinary International PhD community and conduct their doctoral studies at the Biozentrum – one of the world-leading institutes in the Life Sciences.

PhD / Postdoc Leaflet PDF download

The training of young scientists through our International PhD Program is a long-standing priority and has made the Biozentrum a launching pad for successful research careers. We invite you to either apply directly to join one of the 30 research groups of the Biozentrum or to apply for the “Biozentrum PhD Fellowships” program that offers a unique rotation-based selection of research groups.


Graduate students from around the world decide to do their PhD thesis at the Biozentrum, because of

  • the broad, cutting-edge research that ranges from atoms to organisms

  • the outstanding, interdisciplinary teaching program

  • the mentoring program providing intensive individual supervision

  • the lively PhD community

  • the location, situated in the heart of Europe’s most important Life Sciences hub

  • the beautiful city of Basel in the trinational region of Switzerland, Germany and France.