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Biozentrum Community

We are a lively and dynamic community with over 30 research groups, 260 young scientists and a total of 500 employees. And we are very international – the Biozentrists come from more than 40 countries. Our community and interdisciplinary research thrives on scientific, informal and personal exchange. That’s why we meet regularly in a wide variety of settings. Newcomers are quickly integrated into our community.

Birthday breakfast
A colorful mix of scientists of different research groups, employees from the Workshops, the Media Kitchen, the Facilities and many more meet at the breakfasts to which the Management invites all the birthday “babies” of a given month to congratulate them personally, get to know them better and exchange questions and suggestions.

Discovery Seminars 
Our scientists meet regularly on Fridays for the Biozentrum Discovery Seminar Series. The series alternates between lectures by guest speakers and by internal PhD students and postdocs. For the latter, the seminar series offers a great opportunity to present their research to a large and diverse scientific audience. They get a professional coaching in advance. Afterwards, everyone meets over snacks and drinks to discuss the talks, explore opportunities for collaboration and strengthen the community. 

Employee information Event
Twice a year an employee event takes place where we provide information about new professors and staff, new courses and numerous topics of general interest, such as changes to the employee regulations or upcoming events. Afterwards we all come together and enjoy the apéro.

Friday Lunch
To turn strangers into acquaintances, we launched the Friday Lunch after the Discovery Seminar. The rules are very simple: you invite someone you've barely spoken to before for lunch and for an exchange. Your lunches are on the house!

Fit for fun! 
We play football against the FMI and establish who the fastest runners are at the Biozentrum Staircase Run! And if you’re not into football or running: At University Sports you can choose from over 100 sports.

Happy Hour 
Once a month all employees are invited to our Happy Hour. It is organized by the Research Groups in turn. Food and drinks are offered and often also some entertaining activities. 

PhD Student Association
The PhD students have their own association. They organize the annual three-day PhD Retreat, the PhD Science Lunch, a career lecture series as well as social events such as football matches, billiard and barbecue evenings and much more. 

Postdoc Society 
From “Meet the PIs Lunch”, lectures, meetings with other institutes to the annual three-day Basel Postdoc Network Meeting, the Biozentrum Postdoc Society organizes numerous events and offers a platform for professional and private exchange. 

Science Lounge
In our Science Lounge, you can meet up with colleagues at any time for a chat or lunch. You can also book the lounge for a small event to celebrate your graduation, for example.

Symposium and retreat
In order to promote scientific exchange, interdisciplinary collaborations and community, we alternately organize a symposium or a multi-day retreat every year. All researchers and students are invited. These events provide an insight into the various research fields and the numerous projects being worked on.  

Year-end party
In December we celebrate our year-end party with delicious food and drinks followed by a party with disco and fun activities organized by the PhDs and Postdocs.