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International PhD Program
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PhD program

With its interdisciplinary PhD program, the Biozentrum of the University of Basel offers postgraduates with a Master’s degree an attractive research environment for doctoral studies in Molecular Life Sciences. Candidates can submit their applications directly to a specific research group or apply for one of the prestigious PhD fellowships co-sponsored by the the University of Basel and the Werner Siemens-Foundation.

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The Biozentrum is dedicated to excellence in research and education at the forefront of Molecular Life Sciences. It has trained hundreds of young scientists at the postgraduate level by providing in-depth practical experience and theoretical knowledge in a wide range of disciplines of Molecular and Cellular Biology.

State-of-the-art technical resources, a broad and highly interdisciplinary research program, and an exceptional concentration of molecular biology expertise provide an opportunity for motivated students to use and acquire methods and technology in various fields of modern-day molecular biology research. Students admitted to the program receive both theoretical and practical training. They conduct an independent research project under the supervision of a Biozentrum faculty member, monitored by a Thesis Advisory Committee. In parallel, the students benefit from a rich program of courses, lectures, workshops and conferences organized at the Biozentrum. PhD fellows attend yearly scientific meetings and have the opportunity to organize seminar series and career guidance events.

Biozentrum Basel International PhD Program "Fellowships for Excellence"

Together with the Werner Siemens-Foundation (WSF) the Biozentrum offers the International PhD Program "Fellowships for Excellence" and selects each year ten ambitious and talented young scientists out of hundreds of applicants from around the world. The WSF fellowships provide direct access to the Biozentrum PhD program and offer the fellows a unique rotation-based selection of a research group of their own choice and a number of other incentives.


Applicants for the PhD program must hold a University qualification equivalent to a Master’s degree (Diploma, DEA, etc.). Applications can be made directly to the head of a research group at the Biozentrum at any time during the year (track 1). Applications for the WSF-sponsored program "Fellowships for Excellence" can be placed online (track 2). The deadline for WSF applications is June 20th.

Life Sciences Hub Basel

Basel is an international center for biology research, with major academic institutions and research departments of leading Life Science and Biotech companies. Basel is rich in culture and, being located in north-western Switzerland directly bordering to France and Germany, is an excellent starting point to explore Switzerland and the neighboring countries.