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Lu, Jiahong; Lu, Qing; Lu, She-Min; Lu, Shuyan; Lu, Yingying; Luciano, Frédéric; Luckhart, Shirley; Lucocq, John Milton; Ludovico, Paula; Lugea, Aurelia; Lukacs, Nicholas W; Lum, Julian J; Lund, Anders H; Luo, Honglin; Luo, Jia; Luo, Shouqing; Luparello, Claudio; Lyons, Timothy; Ma, Jianjie; Ma, Yi; Ma, Yong; Ma, Zhenyi; Machado, Juliano; Machado-Santelli, Glaucia M; Macian, Fernando; MacIntosh, Gustavo C; MacKeigan, Jeffrey P; Macleod, Kay F; MacMicking, John D; MacMillan-Crow, Lee Ann; Madeo, Frank; Madesh, Muniswamy; Madrigal-Matute, Julio; Maeda, Akiko; Maeda, Tatsuya; Maegawa, Gustavo; Maellaro, Emilia; Maes, Hannelore; Magariños, Marta; Maiese, Kenneth; Maiti, Tapas K; Maiuri, Luigi; Maiuri, Maria Chiara; Maki, Carl G; Malli, Roland; Malorni, Walter; Maloyan, Alina; Mami-Chouaib, Fathia; Man, Na; Mancias, Joseph D; Mandelkow, Eva-Maria; Mandell, Michael A; Manfredi, Angelo A; Manié, Serge N; Manzoni, Claudia; Mao, Kai; Mao, Zixu; Mao, Zong-Wan; Marambaud, Philippe; Marconi, Anna Maria; 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Mnich, Katarzyna; Mograbi, Baharia; Mohseni, Simin; Moita, Luis Ferreira; Molinari, Marco; Molinari, Maurizio; Møller, Andreas Buch; Mollereau, Bertrand; Mollinedo, Faustino; Mongillo, Marco; Monick, Martha M; Montagnaro, Serena; Montell, Craig; Moore, Darren J; Moore, Michael N; Mora-Rodriguez, Rodrigo; Moreira, Paula I; Morel, Etienne; Morelli, Maria Beatrice; Moreno, Sandra; Morgan, Michael J; Moris, Arnaud; Moriyasu, Yuji; Morrison, Janna L; Morrison, Lynda A; Morselli, Eugenia; Moscat, Jorge; Moseley, Pope L; Mostowy, Serge; Motori, Elisa; Mottet, Denis; Mottram, Jeremy C; Moussa, Charbel E-H; Mpakou, Vassiliki E; Mukhtar, Hasan; Mulcahy Levy, Jean M; Muller, Sylviane; Muñoz-Moreno, Raquel; Muñoz-Pinedo, Cristina; Münz, Christian; Murphy, Maureen E; Murray, James T; Murthy, Aditya; Mysorekar, Indira U; Nabi, Ivan R; Nabissi, Massimo; Nader, Gustavo A; Nagahara, Yukitoshi; Nagai, Yoshitaka; Nagata, Kazuhiro; Nagelkerke, Anika; Nagy, Péter; Naidu, Samisubbu R; Nair, Sreejayan; Nakano, Hiroyasu; Nakatogawa, Hitoshi; Nanjundan, Meera; Napolitano, Gennaro; Naqvi, Naweed I; Nardacci, Roberta; Narendra, Derek P; Narita, Masashi; Nascimbeni, Anna Chiara; Natarajan, Ramesh; Navegantes, Luiz C; Nawrocki, Steffan T; Nazarko, Taras Y; Nazarko, Volodymyr Y; Neill, Thomas; Neri, Luca M; Netea, Mihai G; Netea-Maier, Romana T; Neves, Bruno M; Ney, Paul A; Nezis, Ioannis P; Nguyen, Hang Tt; Nguyen, Huu Phuc; Nicot, Anne-Sophie; Nilsen, Hilde; Nilsson, Per; Nishimura, Mikio; Nishino, Ichizo; Niso-Santano, Mireia; Niu, Hua; Nixon, Ralph A; Njar, Vincent Co; Noda, Takeshi; Noegel, Angelika A; Nolte, Elsie Magdalena; Norberg, Erik; Norga, Koenraad K; Noureini, Sakineh Kazemi; Notomi, Shoji; Notterpek, Lucia; Nowikovsky, Karin; Nukina, Nobuyuki; Nürnberger, Thorsten; O'Donnell, Valerie B; O'Donovan, Tracey; O'Dwyer, Peter J; Oehme, Ina; Oeste, Clara L; Ogawa, Michinaga; Ogretmen, Besim; Ogura, Yuji; Oh, Young J; Ohmuraya, Masaki; Ohshima, Takayuki; Ojha, Rani; Okamoto, Koji; Okazaki, Toshiro; Oliver, F Javier; Ollinger, Karin; Olsson, Stefan; Orban, Daniel P; Ordonez, Paulina; Orhon, Idil; Orosz, Laszlo; O'Rourke, Eyleen J; Orozco, Helena; Ortega, Angel L; Ortona, Elena; Osellame, Laura D; Oshima, Junko; Oshima, Shigeru; Osiewacz, Heinz D; Otomo, Takanobu; Otsu, Kinya; Ou, Jing-Hsiung James; Outeiro, Tiago F; Ouyang, Dong-Yun; Ouyang, Hongjiao; Overholtzer, Michael; Ozbun, Michelle A; Ozdinler, P Hande; Ozpolat, Bulent; Pacelli, Consiglia; Paganetti, Paolo; Page, Guylène; Pages, Gilles; Pagnini, Ugo; Pajak, Beata; Pak, Stephen C; Pakos-Zebrucka, Karolina; Pakpour, Nazzy; Palková, Zdena; Palladino, Francesca; Pallauf, Kathrin; Pallet, Nicolas; Palmieri, Marta; Paludan, Søren R; Palumbo, Camilla; Palumbo, Silvia; Pampliega, Olatz; Pan, Hongming; Pan, Wei; Panaretakis, Theocharis; Pandey, Aseem; Pantazopoulou, Areti; Papackova, Zuzana; Papademetrio, Daniela L; Papassideri, Issidora; Papini, Alessio; Parajuli, Nirmala; Pardo, Julian; Parekh, Vrajesh V; Parenti, Giancarlo; Park, Jong-In; Park, Junsoo; 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