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This year, we talked to three of our dedicated female PIs at the Biozentrum about their research and ideas of how to achieve gender equality in science. 

Silvia Arber, Professor of Neurobiology
“Follow your dreams, be creative and bold, being a scientist is a wonderful profession”, is the advice of senior PI Silvia Arber. The winner of numerous research prizes has been investigating how neuronal circuits control our movements for many years. More

Anissa Kempf, Professor of Neurobiology
“Gender diversity is key to create a fair and productive work environment,” emphasizes Anissa Kempf. The neurobiologist wants to tackle one of the greatest biological mysteries: how the brain regulates sleep. More


Maria Hondele, Professor of Biochemistry
“The International Women in Science Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the success of many outstanding female scientists,” says Maria Hondele. In her research, she focuses on tiny droplets within the cell, known as membraneless organelles. More