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Biozentrum Excellence Scholarship for Master's Study in Physics of Life

The Biozentrum offers a limited number of scholarships for international candidates who are applying for the MSc Physics of Life with outstanding records of accomplishment. These scholarships are highly competitive and the selection criteria are primarily academic excellence and motivation.


The scholarship amount is 25 000 CHF, which is paid out in three installments, one in each of the three semesters of the MSc Physics of Life. 

Applicants are expected to have an outstanding record of academic accomplishments. 

Application Procedure 

The call for applications for the scholarship is open from 1 March to 30 April for Fall admission and 1 September to 30 November for Spring admission.

The  application procedure for the scholarships is independent from the application procedure for admission to the MSc Physics of Life degree program at the University of Basel. If you would like to apply for the scholarship, you must also apply for admission to the MSc Physics of Life degree program. However, applying for admission to the MSc Physics of Life degree program does not require you to apply for the scholarship. 

Applications for the scholarship must be submitted through the online scholarship application system. As part of the online application system, at least one letter of recommendation is required: Applicants need to provide names and contact information of at least one referee from their previous academic environment.

Applications will be evaluated by the teaching committee. Scholarship award decisions by the teaching committee are final and are conditional upon admission to the MSc Physics of Life program at the University of Basel. Submitting an application does not result in a legal claim to receiving a scholarship.

Financial information 

The scholarship is not an employment at the University of Basel. The scholarship amount can be used as a contribution to the cost of living and studying for the MSc Physics of Life in Basel, e.g. to cover the tuition fees, rent, health insurance. The costs of living in Switzerland are high, and the scholarship is unlikely to cover all living expenses. 

The University of Basel provides the following estimates of cost of living in Basel: 

Students may be able to undertake limited part-time employment during their studies, e.g. in research groups at the University of Basel. For international students, this depends on the exact employment regulations for their student visas, and it is the student’s responsibility to clarify these details if part-time employment is sought. Some information on “Gainful employment” while holding a student visa or residence permit is available on this university website here