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B4: Neurological Diseases – 12416

(2 hrs/week; 2 CP; Spring 2023)

Jean-Louis Boulay, Stephan Frank, Josef Kapfhammer, Matthias E. Liechti, Philippe A. Lyrer, Luigi Mariani, Tania Rinaldi Barkat, Stephan Rüegg, Nicole Schaeren-Wiemers, Verdon Taylor

The lectures are part of the Postgraduate Program in Neuroscience and aim at students of the Molecular Biology Master program of the Biozentrum, and PhD students and postdocs who are interested in Neuroscience. All the graduate students who aim to obtain a PhD in Neuroscience should attend these lectures.

Content: Depression / Prion Disease, Epilepsy / Mitochondria and Neurodegeneration / Hearing Impairment / Drug Addiction / Brain Tumors / Multiple Sclerosis / Childhood Ischemia / Cord Injury / Huntington's Disease / Stem Cells.