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I8: Introduction to Python Programming for Structural & Quantitative Biology and Image Processing  – 45249

(4 days; 1 CP; Fall 2023)
Course dates: January 2024,  (dates will be published after course registration deadline, registered students will be informed directly)

Timm Maier, Adam Mazur, Michael Podvinec, Flavio Ackermann

The first part of this course is a compact introduction to Python programming without assuming any previous experience. Afterwards, some important scientific aspects of Python programming will be addressed:

* Numerical Python modules: NumPy, SciPy, Pandas.
* Data visualization using Matplotlib
* Working with protein structures and sequences: Biopython and PyMOL

* Image processing with the scikit-image module

The focus will be put on acquiring practical knowledge about Python modules relevant to structural biology, numerical analysis and visualization. The course days consist of an introductory presentation on the basic concepts and best practices, followed by practical exercises, during which participants can apply the acquired skills.