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I2: Academic Writing and Publishing in the Life Sciences - 64388

(1 hr/week; 2 CP; Spring 2023)

Alexander Harms, Marek Basler

Academic publishing is crucial for disseminating the results of your research in the scientific community and for a successful path through academic careers. In this advanced writing course for PhD students, we cover

  • academic publishing (journals, formats, impact factor, peer review, social media)
  • how to create an effective narrative
  • discussion of all relevant parts of a journal article (abstract, introduction, materials&methods, etc.)
  • designing and drawing effective illustrations
  • how to write a paper (or thesis)

The main learning objective of this course is to give students sufficient theoretical and particularly practical knowledge that they can efficiently and effectively contribute to writing scientific papers together with their supervisor. For this purpose, the course includes weekly homework that is an essential part of the teaching by providing students with practical experiences in academic writing and the publishing system. Besides weekly meetings with lectures and discussions, the course includes different Biozentrum scientists as special guests who each contribute a different perspective on the academic publishing system and other topics relevant to the course.