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I1: How to be a Scientist - 70842 - 

(Block Course; 4 CP; Spring 2024)
Course dates: 5.2. - 16.2.2024

Marek Basler, Médéric Diard, Flavio Donato, Roderick Lim, Alexander Schier

This course is reserved exclusively for 1st year PhD students from the Biozentrum.
(Registration possible only upon invitation.)

Goals of this course are:

  • Building up strong connections between PhD Students, PostDocs and PIs
  • Understanding the basics of scientific approach
  • Project development – from idea to publication, including the publication process
  • Learn how to prepare and present a research proposal – get personalized feedback from PIs/PostDocs about writing and presentation
  • Discussion of research conducted in select labs of the Biozentrum
  • Getting to know people and services of the Core facilities of the Biozentrum

All this will be accomplished through Journal Clubs, presentation and discussion of research and proposals, work in small groups supported by Teaching Assistants, as well as workshops together with PostDocs, PIs, and Core Facility employees.