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Biozentrum Symposium 2023

The Biozentrum consists of 32 groups and 7 core facilities with scientists from more than 40 nations who research how molecules and cells create life, spanning the scale from atom to organism. The Biozentrum organizes a biennial symposium and every other year a retreat for its employees and students to promote scientific exchange and the interdisciplinary teamwork. This event allows attendees to gain an overview on the projects being carried out and to discuss research methods and results. Furthermore, the symposium offers young scientists an excellent platform to present their research findings and to gain experience in doing so, be it in the form of lectures or in three "poster sessions", where about 65 posters are displayed. Prizes are awarded for the best talk and the three best posters. Approximately 380 participants attend each year. The Biozentrum Symposium 2023 takes place at the Kunstmuseum Basel on June 22th.

Numerous sponsors make this annual event possible. For further information concerning sponsoring activities, please contact Markus Meier. 

The Biozentrum sincerely thanks the following sponsors for their generous support of the Symposium 2023:


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