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November 24, 2021

1st Edition of the Biozentrum/Roche Innovation Symposium

On 1st and 2nd December 2021, the Biozentrum/Roche Innovation Symposium will be held in Basel for the first time. Researchers at all levels - from PhD students to professors and project leaders – will meet at the virtual conference, jointly organized by the Biozentrum of the University of Basel and Roche, to present their projects and exchange experiences.


This event brings together researchers from the Biozentrum and the Roche Division “Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development” (pRED) and provides them with a platform for scientific exchange, to explore new collaboration opportunities and for networking. Especially for the young generation of scientists, the symposium enables them to present their research and get inspirations for their own work, along with establishing new contacts. The Innovation Symposium, initiated by Roche’s pRED, aims to promote dialogue between the two institutions active in the life sciences, to provide new impulses and to strengthen the collaborations between these two neighbors. The conference has generated lively interest and some 350 persons from Switzerland and abroad have registered to attend.

The participants of the symposium, to which employees from the entire University of Basel, the D-BSSE and the FMI are also invited, will be offered a rich and diverse program on two mornings. The conference will be opened by Dr. William Pao, Head of Roche pRED, and Prof. Alex Schier, research group leader and Director of the Biozentrum. As part of the “Innovation Lecture”, the biochemist Prof. Michael N. Hall and the neurobiologist and stem cell researcher Prof. Fiona Doetsch, both working at the Biozentrum, will kick off the program and give valuable insights into their many years of research. 

At panel discussions on different topics, experts from the Biozentrum and Roche pRED, who are working in the fields of Infection and Protein Biology, Neurosciences and Bioinformatics, will discuss current and future developments in research. In the two poster sessions, with about 80 posters and 5-minute short talks, young scientists will have the opportunity to present their work to an expert audience and to answer critical questions. Social activities and virtual meeting zones will create room for informal exchange between the participants.

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