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January 16, 2020

Inspiring Biozentrum Symposium 2020

On January 15, 2020, more than 300 scientists from 45 nations participated at the Biozentrum Symposium 2020 at the Theater Basel to address questions in molecular biology. This annual event aims to promote scientific exchange and the interdisciplinary teamwork between the 32 research groups of the Biozentrum, University of Basel.


The Biozentrum organizes a symposium for its employees and students annually. This provides an insight into other areas of research, as well as an overview of the many projects being carried out. Furthermore, the symposium offers young scientists in particular a platform to present their research findings.

The Biozentrum Symposium 2020 started with the key note lecture by Prof. Barbara Treutlein, Professor of Quantitative Developmental Biology at the D-BSSE, ETH Zurich in Basel, who talked about organ development and the regeneration through the lens of single cell genomics. It was followed by scientific talks from different research fields of the Biozentrum and numerous flash talks, a new entertaining way to presented research results in only three minutes. They teased the following poster sessions, where about 65 posters were displayed.

Apart from a fresh, inspiring and entertaining “State of the Union” talk of the Biozentrum director, Prof. Alex Schier, another highlight were several prizes, which have been awarded at this occasion: 

The three prizes for the best posters were given to Enea Maffei (group Jenal), Hundeep Kaur (group Hiller), and Zayna Chaker (group Doetsch). The prize for the best talk went to Hundeep Kaur (Hiller group). For the first time, the Biozentrum Postdoc Society also awarded a postdoc paper prize. It was given to Benoit Laventie (group Jenal). On the occasion of the Biozentrum symposium also the two winners of the Gottfried Schatz PhD student prize and the J. C. W. Shepherd PhD student prize were announced. Recipients were Lisa Traunmüller (group Scheiffele) respectively Elisabetta Furlanis (group Scheiffele).

After the closing remarks of Prof. Susan Mango and Prof. Markus Affolter, this year’s organizers of the symposium, the whole Biozentrum community met for a joyful dinner, bringing a successful scientific Biozentrum symposium 2020 to its end.

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