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June 25, 2021

We’re moving!

The big moment arrives on June 28th. The first of the almost 500 Biozentrum employees will move into the newly constructed Biozentrum. We are so excited about our new, ultra-modern “home”. Would you also like to have a look inside? In a short film, we present our path from the old to the new building.

June 28th is the kickoff. The Services teams, ranging from the Workshops, Store and Supply and Reception to the Biozentrum Administration, will move and start the ball rolling. The caravan of Research Groups and Technology Platforms will follow hot on their heels. 230 labs, 4000 lab apparatus, appliances and instruments and over 70 pieces of lab equipment, which require specialized moving services, must be relocated from the old to the new Biozentrum. A major logistical challenge.

By the end of August, all 500 employees will have arrived in their new abode. We are excited and eager to work in our new labs with their state-of-the-art infrastructure, enabling us to continue our cutting-edge research. The impressive foyer is also a great asset. Here the paths of researchers, visitors and up to 900 students will cross creating a vibrant community. And last but not least, we look forward to meeting up in the many meeting and social zones, conducive to informal communication and discussion. Do have a look inside our new "home": Moving film