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May 29, 2019

T3 Pharmaceuticals awarded highest endowed startup prize

T3 Pharmaceuticals AG wins the W.A. de Vigier Foundation’s highest endowed award for startup companies in Switzerland of CHF 100,000. The spin-off from the Biozentrum, University of Basel, works in the field of immuno-oncology and convinced the jury with their innovative therapeutic approach to fighting cancer with live bacteria.

T3 Pharmaceuticals is one of top five startup companies winning the startup prize of the W.A. de Vigier Foundation.

T3 Pharmaceuticals is one of top five startup companies selected by the W.A. de Vigier Foundation. The winning companies were selected from a record number of 256 applications in a multi-step process. At the award ceremony in Solothurn this week, the Foundation awarded ten prizes in total: five prizes of CHF 100,000 and five prizes of CHF 50,000.

“We are honored to receive Switzerland’s oldest and highest endowed startup award and would like to thank the W.A. de Vigier Foundation and Foundation Board for recognizing the potential of our immuno-oncology approach. Our thanks also go to the Biozentrum, the University of Basel, our partners and supporters and, particularly to our investors, with whom we have joined forces to move this project ahead. A special gratitude goes to the Grisard family, who donated our prize,” says Simon Ittig, CEO of T3 Pharma, expressing his appreciation.

Personality and innovation

The highest endowed startup prize in Switzerland is awarded independently and with no strings attached. The Foundation places particular importance on the entrepreneur’s personality. Relevant are also: the degree of innovation, the value for society as a whole, the technical and financial feasibility, market prospects and the potential for creating new jobs.

Fight against cancer

The targeted cancer therapy using bacteria of T3 Pharma is convincing. Cancer immunotherapy is considered to be a turning point in the fight against cancer: Unlike traditional therapies that attack the tumor directly, T3 Pharma’s immunotherapy stimulates the immune system to selectively recognize and attack tumor cells. “Our bacteria provide a powerful and versatile platform,” says Christoph Kasper, CSO of T3 Pharma. “The collected results confirm the medical potential of our immuno-oncological therapy. Work to complete the preclinical package for the lead candidate is well advanced and preparations for clinical development have been initiated,” adds Simon Ittig, who convinced the jury not only with his idea but also with his spirit.

T3 Pharmaceuticals was founded in May 2015 as a spin-off from the Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland. The company focuses on bacteria-based immuno-oncology therapies for the treatment of solid tumors. T3 Pharma has also been selected as “Science Startup of the year 2018” at Falling Walls Venture, has been among the first BaseLaunch companies and was awarded top1 at the business plan competition in 2016.

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