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July 17, 2021

Teaching Excellence Award for Susan Mango

Susan Mango was chosen by the students of the University of Basel as the winner of the "Modern Scholarship" award (Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching). The university recognizes achievements in the field of teaching every year with five Teaching Excellence Awards.

The pandemic has presented new challenges to students and faculty alike. The Teaching Excellence Awards provide an opportunity to praise and recognize faculty for their great commitment to providing quality teaching despite corona-related conditions. There were award winners in five different categories: Modern scholarship, Strong foundations, Breaking new ground, Future talents, Service to teaching. The juries were made up of members of the student sections.

Modern Scholarship (Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching)

Susan Mango is the winner of the Modern Scholarship (Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching). The jury emphasized that many students perceive Susan as an outstanding role model for young students because she demonstrates ways to balance family and career in academia.

Students also appreciated Susan's skillful handling of corona-related teaching situations. For example, Susan used a ‘flipped classroom’ where students watched videos of lectures and then a week later Susan discussed the material together with her students. Students talked to each other in breakout rooms and discussed problems related to the material. Afterwards she talked about the possible answers together with her students. The interactive learning, less ‘top down’ with more discussion and working with the material made the students learn and understand easier.

Susan was delighted about this award: "It is an honor to me to be chosen by the students."

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