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Biozentrum Intranet and Safety Lectures

The Biozentrum Intranet provides all employees of the Biozentrum with efficient access to intelligently structured information and services (applications).

Together with the Biozentrum Communications team, we devised the initial concept and technical implementation of this information platform. Three goals drove the concept: 

  • Make buried information findable, dissolve information silos
  • Make important information accessible to all employees
  • Keep up to date by empowering field experts to create and update content

The development process involved the definition of target audience segments, as well as content types (external/internal) and using persona in workshops to elicit core requirements. Based on these insights, we then developed an information architecture and publication strategy that enables employees to quickly find up-to-date information. Technical implementation was done on the Atlassian Confluence platform with an in-house customized look and feel. 

As part of the intranet, online learning resources for various topics of occupational health and safety have been developed (biosafety, chemical safety, laser safety, shipment of dangerous goods), which are used to train and test Biozentrum employees on these aspects. These resouces are now also in use by other University of Basel departments. 

This platform has been operational since 2012. A technical upgrade and re-launch is currently on-going.