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Research Areas

Research at the Biozentrum embraces a wide range of topics, however one main focus all the research groups share is a strong interest to understand the molecular organization of living organisms. The major areas of research are concerned with the structure and function of macromolecules, the wiring of regulatory circuits, and the general principles underlying complex biological systems and their dynamic interactions.

Currently, the research groups of the Biozentrum are grouped into five major areas of investigation: Growth & Development, Infection Biology, Neurobiology, Structural Biology & Biophysics and Computational & Systems Biology. These research areas are not strictly separated from each but rather share concepts and technologies. Furthermore, new and relevant questions often arise at the overlap between the research areas, while innovative solutions can be found arising from the expertise of each respective area.

Modern research increasingly depends on sophisticated technologies, notably in the fields of genomics, proteomics, imaging, and data analysis. To meet this challenge, the Biozentrum has established a number of so-called Technology Platforms focusing on recent developments, for example, in the fields of electron microscopy and light microscopy, proteomics, FACS (Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting) and Research IT. The Biozentrum shares further Technology Platforms (microarray technology, quantitative genomics, etc.) with other regional research institutes.