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Systems and Synthetic Biology

Prof. Markus Affolter
Development of blood vessels and complex organs

Prof. Silvia Arber
Motor circuit function

Prof. Attila Becskei
Mechanisms controlling gene regulatory networks

Prof. Flavio Donato
Development of neuronal circuits and cognitive functions

Prof. Christoph Dehio
Molecular mechanisms of chronic bacterial infections

Prof. Médéric Diard
Ecology and evolution of the virulence of pathogenic bacteria

Prof. Knut Drescher
Development and functions of bacterial communities

Prof. Anissa Kempf
Deciphering the molecular basis of sleep and tiredness

Prof. Roderick Lim
Cellular nanomechanics  and nucleocytoplasmic transport control

Prof. Alex Schier
Embryonic development of vertebrates and regulation of sleep

Prof. Erik van Nimwegen
Function and evolution of genome-wide regulatory networks

Prof. Mihaela Zavolan
Key regulators of gene expression and cell identity