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Sellner, B., Prakapaitė, R., van Berkum, M., Heinemann, M., Harms, A. and Jenal, U. (2021) ‘A new sugar for an old phage: A c-di-GMP dependent polysaccharide pathway sensitizes E. coli for bacteriophage infection’, bioRxiv. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. 10.1101/2021.09.27.461960.   edoc | Open Access
Bärland, N., Rueff, A.-S., Cebrero, G., Hutter, C. A. J., Seeger, M. A., Veening, J.-W. and Perez, C. (2021) ‘Mechanistic basis of choline import involved in teichoic acids and lipopolysaccharide modification’, bioRxiv. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. 10.1101/2021.09.14.460277.   edoc | Open Access
Solinger, J., Rashid, H.-O. and Spang, A. (2021) ‘FERARI and cargo adaptors coordinate cargo flow through sorting endosomes’. Durham, NC: Research Square. 10.21203/   edoc | Open Access

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Bachelor - Master - PhD


Catherine Helbing, Bachelor student: Interview

She heads the Student Committee Biology and besides her studies works part-time. For her good organization is the be-all and end-all. More


Artan Ademi, Master student: Interview
Getting to the bottom of things is something he has always loved doing. That is why was drawn to basic research and to the Biozentrum in Basel. More


Karolin Berneiser, PhD student: Interview
She is not only enthusiastic about the interdisciplinary and international research groups but also, in particular, about the work with large molecular machines. More


Đorđe Relić, PhD student: Interview

For his PhD he changed from mathematics and computer science to biology. A challenging shift from exactness to less predictability. More




State-of-the-art infrastructure for leading-edge research

The Biozentrum has moved into its new home to continue fostering its world class research. It houses 400 researchers from around the world and a large range of highly sensitive scientific installations. For the university as a whole, an additional lecture hall capacity for 900 students has been created. More





The Biozentrum Alumni organization enables the more than 1800 former employees and students to keep in touch and to keep on sharing in the life at the Biozentrum. Joint in! More


Alumnus Sacha Glardon: Interview
He cherishes Walter Gehring’s Drosophila strains, an old Biozentrum PCR machine and the Basel “Fasnacht”. Sacha Glardon is a passionate biologist and a man of many talents. More


Alumna Hilde Jannsens: Interview
Seven different nations and cultures. Hilde Janssens has experience in how differently people communicate. So she decided to become a communications trainer for scientists. More