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New: MSc in Physics of Life
Training in cutting-edge research at the interface of physics, mathematics, engineering, and life sciences. Apply now and be one of the first students of the program. More

Application deadline: April 30, 2024

Biozentrum Discovery Seminar 

Postponed: Prof. Johannes Gräff
EPFL, Lausanne

Prof. Jesscia Feldmann
Stanford University, USA 

April 26 & May 3, 11:15 am More

Dr. Oliver Biehlmaier
Lichtmikroskopie – Wie Unsichtbares sichtbar wird Mehr

30. April, 2024, 19:00
Maurice E. Müller Saal
Öffentlicher Vortrag, Eintritt frei

Apply now!
For the prestigious and independent Biozentrum PhD fellowships that provide a unique rotation-based selection of research group. More

Application deadline: May 24, 2024





Bachelor - Master - PhD


Seraphine Lüscher, Bachelor student: Interview

What fascinates me about biology is that you can always discover something new without ever running out of questions. More


Artan Ademi, Master student: Interview
Getting to the bottom of things is something he has always loved doing. That is why was drawn to basic research and to the Biozentrum in Basel. More


Talia Ulmer, PhD student: Interview
During her master’s in neurobiology a lot of really exciting questions came up and so she decided to do a PhD and continue her research. More


Alexander Kuznetsov, PhD student: Interview

Since he considers things carefully before making a  decisions, the rotation-based selection of a research group suits him perfectly. More





State-of-the-art infrastructure for leading-edge research

The Biozentrum has moved into its new home to continue fostering its world class research. It houses 400 researchers from around the world and a large range of highly sensitive scientific installations. For the university as a whole, an additional lecture hall capacity for 900 students has been created. More





The Biozentrum Alumni organization enables the more than 1800 former employees and students to keep in touch and to keep on sharing in the life at the Biozentrum. Join in! More


Alumni: Irena & Björn Burmann
... are both researchers at the University of Gothenburg and a couple. In the interview, they talk about their time at the Biozentrum, their settling in Sweden, and the challenges of balancing family and career. More


Alumnus Marcel Weber: Interview 
The Professor of Philosophy of Science about scientific reasoning, how it works, its limits and objectivity and about which questions became acute during the pandemic. More