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D4: Molecular Structure, Function, and Dynamics of Membranes and Membrane Proteins – 17002

(2 hrs/week; 2 CP; Fall 2023)

Sebastian Hiller

Biological membranes are composed of proteins and lipids, which can both be glycosylated. Together these molecules form a functional unit. The lecture series leads towards the understanding of the structural and functional aspects of biological membranes. It gives insight into the diversity of membrane constituents and into their structural analysis by xray, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and electron microscopy. Moreover, the thermodynamics and kinetics of lipid-protein interactions monitored by means of different biophysical techniques are discussed.


Confirmed Speakers


Organisational Notes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this lecture series is held in an interactive online format. Lectures are either held via live zoom or are pre-recorded and uploaded to the SWITCHtube server. In the latter case, students watch the lectures and then meet for a moderated discussion on the lecture content at the dates and times listed in the table below. In the discussion, the students will formulate questions and feedback, record it and send it back to the lecturer. In some cases, the lecturer will join the discussion online. The lecture series closes with students' chalk talks, which are 10-minute presentations on a chosen topic.



Online meetings and student chalk talks are scheduled for Tuesdays 15:15 – 17:00 (exception: lecture 9)

02.03.2021 15:15 Introduction (Zoom live session, ca. 30 minutes); Lecture 1 (available online for individual study)
09.03.2021 Lectures 2 + 3 (available online for individual study)
16.03.2021 15:15 Online meeting to discuss lectures 1–3
23.03.2021 15:15 Live session Lecture 4
30.03.2021 15:15 Live session Lecture 5
06.04.2021 15:15 Live session Lecture 6
13.04.2021 15:15 Live session Lecture 7
20.04.2021 15:15 Live session Lecture 8
27.04.2021 14:15 Live session Lecture 9
04.05.2021 Lecture 10 (available online for individual study)
11.05.2021 Lectures 11 + 12 (available online for individual study)
18.05.2021 15:15 Online meeting to discuss lectures 10–12
25.05.2021 Student chalk talks
01.06.2021 Student chalk talks