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Prof. Dr. Peter Philippsen, Emeritus

1978 - 2011 | Professor of Molecular Microbiology

Peter Philippsen first came to the Biozentrum as an Assistant Professor in 1978. Prior to this, he spent several years in postdoctoral research in Munich and Stanford after having graduated in biochemistry. In 1986, he moved to Giessen University, in Germany. Here, amongst involvement in other projects in the field of yeast genetics, he was also one of the initiators of and contributors to the sequencing of the yeast genome. He returned to Basel in 1991, where he worked till reaching emeritus status in 2011 as Professor of Microbiology. In his research, Peter Philippsen focused on the evolution of biological systems using both yeast and filamentous fungi as model organisms. In his teaching activities, he rendered outstanding services in the realization of the Trinational Teaching Program in Biotechnology.