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I have never used the FCF 

If you never booked instruments and services in one of the other core facilities you first need to create a user profile on our booking homepage. You can request it directly at the PPMS login page. We will contact you after confirming your account.
I need help in planning my experiment Please contact the FACS Core Facility, if you have questions or are unsure with the experimental protocol. We will schedule a meeting to discuss your experiment before you start scheduling it.
I need to perform analysis Login to your PPMS account request a hands-on training by filling out the form ‘Analyzer Training Request’ that you will find on ‘Request’. We will contact you to find a suitable date for a custom instrument training. The training will take approximately 1.5 hours. Be aware that you will need to bring your own (test) samples. You will learn how to set up the instrument properly and to operate it successfully. After the completion we will give you access to the instrument booking. In the beginning your booking will be restricted to the facility office hours and with more experience we will open the access also for the after office hours and weekends
I want to sort cells Login to your PPMS account and fill out the ‘Cell Sorting Request’ that you find on ‘Request’. We will contact you to discuss your experiment and arrange an appointment for the first sort. Important points in the discussion will include: flow cytometry experience, type of cells, size of cells, total number of your prepared cells, percent of cells of interest, fluorochromes and collection devices.
If you plan to repeat the experiment you can book your sort time on our booking homepage or if you need more advice by contacting the sort operator directly.
Further information Before your first visit please read through our policies. You find them here: Cell Analysis Guidelines and Cell Sorting Guidelines. If you have open questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.