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Samplequeuer is a web-based solution to submit, schedule and track samples and their associated data sets, developed by Research IT. The software is used by the Biozentrum's Proteomics Core Facility.

Users submit information about required experiments and samples prior to preparing the actual sample vial. Subsequently, the life cycle and current status of the sample is visible both for the users and the facility staff as it is processed by the facility, . 

User Benefits

  • Sample status: Know at any time what the status of your sample is, whether it is queued for MS analysis, is being post-processed or is complete
  • Notifications: At certain transition points, the users receive email notifications (e.g. when their experiment has been assigned to an instrument and operator, or when the sample has been processed)
  • Organisation of samples into projects and experiments allows reproducibility and traceability
  • Datasets are stored using the same project/experiment organization: Logical link between metadata in SampleQueuer and stored processed files.

Facility Benefits

  • Plan user's experiments to maximize instrument throughput.
  • Assign operators and instruments to individual experiments to organize work days and instrument load. 
  • Dynamically manage sample queues: Prioritize/optimize according to instrument availability
  • Transfer sample information to the instrument as load lists. Ensure the correct identification of samples.
  • Statistical information and archive of past experiments.