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Internships for High School Students

Are you interested in pursuing a career in a laboratory, in studying at the Biozentrum or would you like to do your “Maturarbeit” or a project in molecular biology? The Biozentrum offers high school students various internship opportunities. 

Would you like to have an insight into laboratory work for one day or do you want to do your “Maturarbeit” at the Biozentrum? We offer the following short internship opportunities:

  • Lab introduction day - 1 day
  • Work experience placement  - 1 to 2 weeks

At the Biozentrum we investigate how molecules and cells create life – from atom to organism, and from the physics of life to the dynamics of multicellular systems. If you are interested in a specific research field, please indicate this in the application form.

We offer about 15 work experience placements per year. Until August 2024, all epxerience placements have already been allocated. Good English skills are a prerequisite, as the scientists at the Biozentrum come from 45 different countries and English is the language spoken in many laboratories.

Please send your application for an internship to the Human Resources Department: hr-biozentrumunibasch. Your application should include the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Completed application form including details of the goals and the requested dates for the visit