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How to become a user of the BioEM Electron Microscopy Laboratory?

The BioEM Electron Microscope Facility welcomes researchers of the Biozentrum and the wider University of Basel community. External researchers, from academia and industry may also contact us to discuss access the BioEM electron microscopes and associated equipment.

We train and support independent equipment users and our experienced staff cater to provide contracted preparation and imaging services.

  • First contact Mohamed Chami to discuss your project ideas, goals and requirements so the best strategy can be identified for your particular research needs.
  • Register for access to the microscopes and services using Beamit
  • To propose a new project, please download the BioEM Lab Specimen Description form, fill it out, and submit it on BeamIt.

Once these steps are completed, an appointment can be made with one of the BioEM staff. Depending on the scope of the project, staff will assist you with training for the required techniques and on the equipment involved.