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New Approaches to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria 2020

Bacterial infections represent an urgent threat to human health worldwide. Over the past decades, pan-resistant strains of major bacterial pathogens have emerged rendering clinically available antibiotics ineffective. As a result, many achievements of modern medicine are now at risk. New ways to identify clinically effective antimicrobials are urgently needed to counter this threat. However, the current antimicrobial development pipeline is insufficient because of high attrition and limited coverage of multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria. Among the factors that impact the development of novel antibiotics, our limited understanding of the physiology and heterogeneity of bacterial pathogens in patients ranks highly. Bacteria growing in tissues of patients experience environments that are very different from standard laboratory conditions. Consequently, microbial physiology and population heterogeneity of such target populations greatly differs from bacteria cultures used for antibacterial discovery. Systematic strategies to tackle this fundamental problem are currently missing.

This conference bids to review the current knowledge on bacterial physiology in patients; outline the development of relevant in vitro models to study the underlying molecular mechanisms and provide an overview of novel intervention strategies.

Towards this goal, the meeting unites the world’s foremost scientists in the field of antimicrobial research to win the race against superbugs

Attendance to the conference is limited to 120 participants. Please pre-register ahead of the deadline. The registration link will not be published but will be sent privately. 

For abstracts, here are instructions and here is the template. Once ready, please send it to nacarb-2020(at)unibasto make life hard for spam

For pre-registration please use this form and send it to nacarb-2020(at)unibasto make life hard for spam

Pricing, Terms and conditions can be found here

Confirmed Keynotes:

Dan I. Andersson - Uppsala University, SE


Nathalie Balaban - Hebrew University, IL


Laura Piddock – GARDP, CH

Confirmed Speakers:

Priscille Brodin - INSERM Paris, FR


Heike Broetz-Oesterhelt -University of Tübingen, DE


Dirk Bumann - University of Basel, CH


Knut Drescher - Max Planck Institute Marburg, DE


Olivier Guenat – ARTORG, University of Bern, CH


Sophie Helaine - Harvard, US


Deborah T. Hung – Harvard Medical School, US


John McKinney - EPF Lausanne, CH


Christian Lesterlin – CNRS Lyon, FR


Rolf Müller - Helmholz Centre Saarbrücken, DE


Daniel Obrecht - Polyphor, Allschwil, CH


Alexander Persat - EPF Lausanne, CH


Jörn Piel - ETH-Zürich, CH


Laurence Van Melderen - Bruxelles University, BE


Marvin Whiteley - Georgia Institute of Technology, US


Mattia Zampieri - ETH-Zürich, CH


Annelies Zinkernagel – University Hospital Zürich, CH