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Vizgen MERSCOPE for Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics

LOCATION: Room 07.027


  • Imaging-based spatial transcriptomics solution (MERFISH) with sub-cellular resolution
  • Allocated RNAse-free lab space for sample preparation and conducting experiments
  • Best suitable for fresh-frozen and PFA fixed-frozen tissues, and adherent/suspended cells
  • Single MERSCOPE slide capacity with maximum 1cm2 of tissue per run
  • Up to 500 target gene multiplexing capacity
  • Eqipped with microfluidics device and a flow chamber for MERFISH experiments
  • Automated image processing, including transcript decoding and cell segmentation
  • Software: MERSCOPE Vizualizer for exploring the generated data sets
  • Vizgen Gene Panel Design Portal for building custom gene panels. 
Magnification / NA Medium
10x / 0.25 air
60x / 1.4 oil