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Available Microscope Systems

Searching for a decision tree? Clicking on the image below and you will be directed to our internal documentation that will help you to decide which system is best for your research project. 

If you want to consult our system list directly, you will find the list scrolling down. 

Please contact us for a project discussion at imcfunibasch in order to discuss your research project with our microscopy experts.

If you need a very special technique that we can not offer (e.g. MINFLUX), you can also reach out to our collegues of the Microscopy Network Basel (MNB). Please make sure to keep us in the loop such that we can still help you with data analysis and data managment. 



List of Microscopes

Microscope type and name Inverted Incubation Special features(s)
Point Scanning Confocal
Leica "SP5-II-Matrix" yes yes Hybrid detectors, Matrix screening software
Leica "SP8" (BSL2) yes yes Hybrid detectors, BSL2
Leica "Stellaris 8 FALCON" yes yes Suitable for FLIM, equipped with 4 HyDs and pulsed White Light Laser
Zeiss "LSM700 Upright" no no Upright, 2x PMT and 1x T-PMT
Zeiss "LSM800 Inverted" yes no 2x GaAsP-detectors, Zen Blue 2.6
Zeiss "LSM880 Inverted" yes yes fast scanning with AiryScanFAST, high resolution with AiryScanSR technology
Widefield Microscope
API "DeltaVision Core" yes yes very sensitive live-cell system
Nikon Ti2 "seqFISH" yes yes large field of view, sensitive sCMOS camera, strong laser for bleaching
FEI "MORE" yes yes our fastest live-cell system with TIRF and FRAP
Leica "DM6000B" no no color camera
Spinning Disk Confocal
Olympus SpinSR yes yes Yokogawa CSU-W1, highly sensitive sCMOS camera, fast, thick sample imaging possible
Olympus SpinD yes no Yokogawa CSU-W1, highly sensitive sCMOS camera, fast, thick sample imaging possible
Nikon CSU-W1 yes yes Yokogawa CSU-W1, highly sensitive sCMOS camera, fast, optimized for live samples, BSL2
SIM Super-Resolution
API "OMX Blaze" yes yes structured illumination and localization based super-resolution
Lightsheet Microscope (SPIM)
Zeiss "Lightsheet 7" yes selective plain illumination microscopy (SPIM)
Zeiss Axio Scan.Z1 "Slide Scanner" no no fully automated, highthroughput scanning of up to 100 slides
Spatial Transcriptomics
Vizgen MERSCOPE yes no Microfluidics and flow chamber for MERFISH, automated and powerful image processing
Microscopes at other facilities in Basel (MNB)
DBM Microscopy Core Facility Microscopy Core Facilities of the Department of Biomedicine
DBSSE Single Cell Unit, Microscopy and FACS Facilities of the Department of Biosystems Sciense and Engineering
FMI FAIM Microscopy Facility of the Friedrich Miescher Institute